The seeds were sown as a child while watching her father paint handmade Christmas cards on the dining room table.

Artist Emma de Souza painting. Easel, palate, tubes of oil paints and paint brushes

Emma grew up in Barnes, west London and lives in Hertfordshire. In 2021 she retired as a GP to dedicate time to her passion for painting.

During her medical career she worked part time enabling her to study oil painting with art tutor Martin Smith. In 2023 she exhibited at the Mall Galleries at The Royal Society of British Artists Bicentennial Exhibition and is currently represented by Riverside Galleries in Barnes.

‘It surprises me how much drama can be created by a collection of everyday objects

Artist Emma de Souza with still life props - a brown vase, hand painted teapot and hand painted milk jug talking about still life oil paintings

My paintings are about the beauty of relationships between objects and the spaces they occupy, about colour, light and the absence of light, about balance and contrast.

While setting up a still life there is a magical moment when the objects find their place

And it’s comforting to know there is potential for any number of beautiful combinations.

I hope my paintings spark connections in ways that painting them does for me’


The Royal Society of British Artists’ Bicentennial Exhibition, The Mall Galleries, St James’s, London, 2/3/23 – 11/3/23

Royal Society of British Artists logo with royal crest, coat of arms
Framed oil painting by Emma de Souza April blossom
Artist Emma de Souza standing by her sold painting April Blossom at the Royal Society of British Artists Bicentennial exhibition at The Mall Galleries, March 2023
Photo by Niki Gorick


Represented by Riverside Gallery, Barnes, London